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3M Electronics Toner Vacuum 497 Series

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3M Electronics Toner Vacuum 497 Series

Product Code: 497ABGX

$420.00 (ex GST)

Model 497ABF 220/240VAC, 50/60Hz, 4.25 amps

The Electronics Vacuum 497 Series is a self-contained unit that is designed for high-efficiency cleanup of most business equipment, including removing toner and dust.

Portability, quick setup and efficient safe operation are key features of this vacuum.

Contains a one horsepower, six amp motor and ESD safe attachment. The Electronics Vacuum 497 comes with a Type 2 Filter, a detachable cord and plastic hose (approximately 10 Feet)

All attachments quickly dissipate static charge. 


Length: 17.8"

Width: 7.8"

Height: 9.3"

Weight: 11Ibs

Sound Pressure Level: 74 dBA

Motor: 1 HP

Comes with the following: 

- Hose 10FT

- Wand 

- Crevice Tool

- Crevice Tool Brush

- Needle Nozzle

Brand: 3M