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Tagarno Zip Digital Microscope

Looking for a small yet powerful digital microscope? Look no further than the TAGARNO ZIP! With over 50x magnification and USB 3.0 connectivity, this microscope is perfect for various magnification tasks. Despite its compact size, the TAGARNO ZIP delivers exceptional performance, making it a valuable tool for any workspace.

Featuring magnification levels ranging from 1.3x to 53x on a 24" monitor, along with impressive frame rates of 60/50/30/25 fps and Full HD 1080p image quality, you'll experience crystal-clear visuals with every use. The microscope offers a versatile field of view, ranging from a minimum of 1.6mm to a maximum of 409.0mm, ensuring you can observe objects of various sizes with precision.

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your magnification tasks with the TAGARNO ZIP from Oritech!


Magnification Levels: 1.3x - 53x on a 24" monitor
Frame Rates: 60/50/30/25 fps
Image Quality: Full HD 1080p
Field of View: Min 1.6mm / Max 409.0mm
Lens to Object Distance: 250mm