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Tagarno Zap Digital Microscope

Looking for flexibility and high-quality performance in your digital microscopy setup? Meet the TAGARNO ZAP! Whether you prefer mounting it on a flex arm, a focus tracker, or in a third-party ΓΈ76 mm yoke, the TAGARNO ZAP adapts to your preferences effortlessly. Plus, with the ability to activate additional features through an Upgrade kit, you can maximize the utility of your investment as your needs evolve.

Featuring magnification levels from 1.3x to 53x on a 24" monitor, along with impressive frame rates of 60/50/30/25 fps and Full HD 1080p image quality, the TAGARNO ZAP delivers exceptional visual clarity. Its versatile field of view, ranging from a minimum of 1.6mm to a maximum of 409.0mm, ensures precise observation of objects of various sizes.

Why choose Oritech for your TAGARNO ZAP purchase?

Oritech is your trusted partner in Australia and New Zealand for premium microscopy solutions. With a commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service, we provide the best-in-class products to meet your needs. As a business customer, you can experience the TAGARNO ZAP firsthand through personalized demonstrations, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your requirements. Elevate your microscopy experience with the TAGARNO ZAP from Oritech today!


Magnification Levels: 1.3x - 53x on a 24" monitor
Frame Rates: 60/50/30/25 fps
Image Quality: Full HD 1080p
Field of View: Min 1.6mm / Max 409.0mm
Lens to Object Distance: 250mm