Kim Wipes 34120 Lint Free 280pk

Kim Wipes 34120 Lint Free 280pk


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Product Code: 701-083

Brand: Kimberly Clark

Kimtech Science Delicate Task Wipers: Exceptional Quality for Precision Cleaning
Introducing Kimberly Clark's Kimtech Science Delicate Task Wipers, a superior solution for delicate surface cleaning. These wipers, sized at 21 x 11cm, come in a convenient package containing 280 wipers per box, with 30 boxes neatly packed in each carton.

Key Features:

 Low-Lint Design: Crafted from 100% virgin wood fiber, these wipers are extra low-lint, ensuring a clean and smooth wiping experience. They are gentle on delicate surfaces and do not scratch, making them ideal for sensitive applications.
 Absorbency: These soft, nonabrasive cellulose-fiber wipers possess remarkable absorbent qualities, allowing them to absorb many times their own weight. This feature ensures efficient cleaning and reduces the need for multiple wipes.
 One-at-a-Time Dispensing: Convenient one-at-a-time dispensing packs facilitate easy and controlled access to the wipers. Each pack is equipped with a special plastic guard, minimizing airborne lint, preventing contaminants from entering the box, and reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge.


 Brand: Kimberly Clark
 Color: White
 Size: 21 x 11cm
 Packaging: 280 Wipers per Box, 30 Boxes per Carton (sold by the box not by the carton)

Kimtech Science Delicate Task Wipers are the epitome of quality and precision in cleaning delicate surfaces. Whether you're working in laboratories, cleanrooms, or any environment that demands meticulous cleaning, these wipers deliver exceptional results. 

Available for purchase at Oritech, your reliable supplier for high-quality cleaning solutions. Elevate your cleaning processes with Kimtech Science Delicate Task Wipers and achieve unparalleled cleanliness and efficiency in every wipe.