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Oritech Dual Outfit Fume Extraction Station (PX90804)

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Oritech Dual Outfit Fume Extraction Station (PX90804)

Product Code: 701-236

$1350.00 (ex GST)

Dual Arm Fume Extaction System With Stainless Steel Arms

Oritech's Dual Arm Fixed Air Flow Fume Extraction unit is specially designed to capture and clean fumes and gases generated from soldering, adhesives, stained glass work and many other indoor applications. The use of noise insulation materials inside the housing makes it one of the best noise to performance ratio fume extraction systems currently available.

Two filter configurations are available. One is for Solder Fume Extraction and the other is for chemical extraction. The Solder option includes a true 99.97% HEPA filter media and a sealed sorbent pre-filter to insure high efficiency and longevity.

The Chemical Option includes a dual carbon activated main filter for ultra efficient absorption of chemical smell and a sealed sorbent pre-filter to insure efficient capture of large particles. The motor/blower package is European built motorised impeller using a very high efficiency external rotor motor that delivers more airflow with less energy.

Oritech's series comes with the option of fixed or variable speed control that provides maximum versatility to the user and audible/visual alarm to indicate filter blockage.

Motor Pressure: 3200Pa
Max flow rate: 380m3/h
System flow rate: 190m3/h
Wattage: 135 Watts
Noise level: 52 dB-A
Net Weight: 12 Kilos
Measurement: 285mm x 280mm x 340mm

Brand: Oritech

Weight: 0

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