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ESD Anti Fatigue Mat 1.5 X 1.2M

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ESD Anti Fatigue Mat 1.5 X 1.2M

Product Code: 701-428

$215.00 (ex GST)

The Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue mat quickly drains static electricity from workers before it can be passed on to sensitive equipment such as computers, cash registers or any product with a computer chip.

The mat needs to be grounded by either clipping the cord to an earthing bar or plugged into a normal power socket.

Designed to dramatically reduce standing worker fatigue, Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue has a Nitricell "Supreme Comfort" sponge base. Conductive mats are designed to protect sensitive equipment by quickly drawing the static off workers before they touch susceptible chemicals or apparatus as humans quickly generate static electricity by walking or using chairs with castors.

Then with a simple touch the electricity is passed on. One shock can destroy micro-processors or cause a major fire if in contact with flammable chemicals. To eliminate these hazards we offer Electrically Conductive mats that should be used around most sensitive components.

Brand: Oritech

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