Solder Paste Mixer 500S, 220V, Dual Tank

Solder Paste Mixer 500S, 220V, Dual Tank


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Product Code: 705-235

Solder Paster Mixer -Dual Tub

Automatic solder paste mixer for 2 doses: 2x250g or 2x500g.

An ideal solution for optimizing the viscosity of the solder paste before the stencil printing process. Thanks to the adjustable mixing speed and time, you always achieve the same paste viscosity and the same print quality results.

The principle is the planetary rotation of the can with the paste, which is placed at a 45° angle. In this way, the paste is mixed in all 3 axes and there can be no separation of balls or formation of air bubbles.

It is not recommended to mix the hardened paste directly from the refrigerator, but only after minimal tempering time.
Average mixing time is 3 minutes at 500 rpm.

Diameter of the can: 50-67mm, inclination 45°
Time setting: digital with memory
Time regulation: 0-99 min,
Speed regulation: 200-1400 rpm.
Power supply: 230V/60W
Dimensions: 450(h) x 400(w) x 400(d) mm
Weight: 35 kg