JBC CDN-2QF High Precision Soldering Station 230V

JBC CDN-2QF High Precision Soldering Station 230V


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Product Code: CDN-2QF

Brand: JBC

CDN Station
High-Precision Soldering

Soldering beyond limits

This station is designed for highest-precision jobs in any micro-soldering application, offering maximum control working under the microscope.

It provides all the advantages of JBC Most Efficient Soldering System in the smallest footprint:

• JBC Intelligent Heat Management which provides the best soldering quality and, with Sleep & Hibernation Modes extens up to 5 times.

• Cartridge Holder and JBC Exclusive Cartridge Exchanger, which increases efficiency.

• Tip Cleaning System with brass wool and wiper - both very effective cleaning methods.

• Connectivity:
- Fume Extractor
- Data Download
- Software Updates
- Traceability

• NT115 Nano Handle which works with our wide range of C115 Cartridges.?