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JBC CD-2BE Digital Lead-Free Solder Station Standard Handpiece

Product Code: CD-2BD

$550.00 (ex GST)

JBC CD2BE Digital Lead Free Solder Station Standard Handpiece.

The best self-contained soldering station for successful hand soldering. JBC has become the best choice for all electronics professionals because of JBCs Exclusive heating system, its outstanding thermal performance and tip life.

CD-B is a soldering station designed with JBC Advanced system for general electronic applications. It incorporates the JBC exclusive heating system that increases the work efficiency thanks to the fast temperature recovery. The intelligent sleep and the hibernation feature enables to extend the tips life more than 5 times. Through the menu you can customize more than 20 functionalities in order to manage the soldering process. CD-B works with the lightest and ergonomic T245 Handpiece and C245 cartridge. Compact stations feature all the necessary accessories to make your job easier in the minimum footprint.

***This model now incorporates a USB Connector (Type B) to update station software and create graphs***

Technical Specifications
Weight: 2.6 kg (5.7 lb)
Size: 150x175x145 mm
Voltage(AC): 230V
Input Fuse: 1A
Output Peak Power: 130W / 23.5V
Temperature selection: 90-450 C / 190-840 F
Tip to ground resistance: 2 ohms
Tip to ground voltage:  2mV RMS
Ambient operating temp.: 10-40 C / 50-104 F
ESD Safe
Package weight: 3 kg (6.6 lb)
Package dimensions: 235x235x260mm

T245-A JBC Advanced Handpiece
C245-903 JBC T245 Cartridge 1.0mm Conical

C245-741 JBC T245 Cartridge 2.4 x 0.6mm Chisel



CD Soldering Station

Brand: JBC