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  • Ash Ergo Uplight Track Stand Inspex Vesa

    Product Code: AI100- 023

    Brand: ASH Technologies

    $949.00(ex GST)


  • Battery Charger 230V/110V CAT IV

    Product Code: BC430

    Provides power cord operation and charging for Fluke 430 Series Power Quality Analyzers Mains (Line Voltage): switchable 115 V 15% or 230 V 15%...

    Brand: Fluke

    $215.00(ex GST)


  • Battery Impedance Meter

    Product Code: BAT-500

    Amprobe BAT-500 Battery Tester quickly and accurately tests batteries without taking the batteries off-line. This Battery Tester features a...

    Brand: Fluke

    $899.00(ex GST)


  • CD Restore Kit

    Product Code: ACDC000

    This kit cleans and restores CDs. Safe to use on polycarbonate plastics. Removes dirt, fingerprints and grease. Suitable For: CD-RomCD-RsCD-RWsDVD...

    Brand: AF International

    $12.00(ex GST)


  • Ceta-Form Insulated Diagonal Cutter 180mm

    Product Code: G12-18-0180

    Ceta Form Insulated Diagonal Cutter G12-18-0180 Cutters for cutting soft and hard wires. Especially for working on or near...

    Brand: Ceta-Form

    $16.95(ex GST)


  • CK SensoPlus Snipe Nose Serrated Plier 135mm

    Product Code: 3772-1D-120

    CK SensoPlus Snipe Nose PlierJaws have serrated edgesLength: - Jaws: 22mm- Overall: 135mm

    Brand: CK Tools

    $34.00(ex GST)


  • CK Snipe Nose Pliers Smooth 3777-1H

    Product Code: 3777-1H

    Brand: CK Tools

    $65.00(ex GST)


  • Combination Square No. 52 Metric

    Product Code: COMBS52ME

    Fisco Combination Square 300mmReliable quality Fisco combination square.

    $12.95(ex GST)


  • Double Story Solder Reel Stand

    Product Code: H611-2

    Double Story Solder Reel Stand Holds up to 2.2 lbs. of solder wire on each level. Fully ESD-safe construction. Non-slip feet keep stand firmly on...

    Brand: Hakko

    $22.95(ex GST)


  • Dual 4mm Male Banana Plug To Female BNC Adapter

    Product Code: PM9081-001

    PM9081/001 consists of two adapters. One red (signal) and one black (ground) 4-mm banana contact. Converts test equipment with BNC plug into banana...

    Brand: Fluke

    $59.95(ex GST)


  • Economy Tip Cleaner with Wire (599B)

    Product Code: 701-346

    Brand: Oritech

    $7.00(ex GST)


  • Edsyn Fume Extractor FXF-11

    Product Code: FXF11

    Edsyn FXF11 FuminatorBenchtop fume extraction fan. 230V Includes solder spool holder.

    Brand: Edsyn

    $125.00(ex GST)


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