Hakko FX888D Soldering Station

Hakko FX888D Soldering Station


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Product Code: HFX888D-21BY

Brand: Hakko

Australias most popular soldering iron, in stock and with fast shipping

This is a genuine 240V Hakko Soldering Station with Australian plug. This soldering station comes with a FREE pair Piergiacomi Flush Side Cutters - 138mm.

The Hakko FX888D Soldering Station is the upgrade to the original FX888. With an easy to read digital display, Hakkos latest model combines reliability, excellent thermal recovery, a range of tips and spares and is very easy to use. As a genuine all-round soldering station, the Hakko FX888D offers a number of features that make it suitable for hobbyists or electronics professionals.

Features include:

  • Easy to set-up and use 

    Clear, easy to read digital display 

    Temperature range from 50 degrees Celsius to 480 degrees Celsius 

    Excellent thermal recovery 

    Password protection for temperature settings 

    Excellent temperature stability of within 1 degree Celsius 

    Compatible with all original FX888D tips and spares 

Excellent Thermal Recovery

  • The Hakko FX888D has an increased heater output of 30% compared to the Hakko 936 & 937 models. It also offers outstanding thermal recovery by using T18 tips, allowing soldering to be done at a lower temperature and in-turn reduces the thermal impact of components and extends tip life.

Small Footprint

  • The Hakko FX888D is perfect when space is limited. With a footprint of only 10cm x 12cm, it provides a powerful soldering solution without taking up valuable space. The rubber feet of the control unit are also positioned at the very outer edges of each corner, giving the unit incredible stability.

Easy to Set-Up and Use

  • There are only two buttons on the FX888D - UP and ENTER. Thats all that is required to set-up and operate this easy to use system. With a clear user interface, setting-up and using this soldering iron is fast and simple. This unit also comes with a convenient Soldering Iron Holder.

Password Protection for Temperature Settings

  • Once youve set-up your desired temperature and soldering settings on the FX888D, you can save and protect them from being changed by using the password feature. This is designed to ensure the operator can quickly and confidently pick-up and use their soldering iron with the correct temperature settings.

Pre-Set Mode

  • The Hakko FX888D offers up-to five temperature pre-sets so you can conveniently and quickly switch between different temperature settings. Operators can set the temperature of each pre-set to suit their style and type of soldering work. Pre-sets can be protected using the password function mentioned above.

This product comes with:

  • Soldering station (FX-888D)
  • Soldering iron (FX-8801 with soldering tip type B - HT18-B)
  • Iron holder (with cleaning wire, cleaning sponge)
  • Australian Plug
  • Instruction Manual