ZB2520HL Automatic Convection Reflow Oven

ZB2520HL Automatic Convection Reflow Oven


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Product Code: ZB2520HL

ZB2520HL Automatic Convection Reflow Oven

ZB series reflow furnace is mainly for the production and maintenance of SMT products such as desktop solder reflow equipment. The product uses high efficiency far infrared heating elements and distributed thermocouple temperature measurement device. Through the microcomputers precise control, the temperature of the reflow oven curve control can be more accurate, and the temperature of the reflow plane can be more uniform. ZB series reflow furnace is fully able to adapt to a variety of different alloys and lead-free solder reflow requirements. Its temperature curve precision can be adjusted; in addition, this kind of equipment also has automatic fault detection alarm and other functions.

This product has a variety of applications such as reflow soldering, repair, and drying.

  • Its suitable for small quantities of SMT electronic products production, test research, electronic product development, school training courses and other units
  • The structure of the circuit adopts high efficiency, convenient and integrated design, adopts aluminum silicate high temperature environmental protection heat preservation cotton, has good heat preservation effect, and improves and upgrades in aspects of performance, structure and operation

Product Specifications

Working power supply: AC220V 50~60Hz

Rated power: 1600W

Heating method: Infrared radiation heating and hot air circulation

Drawer size: 250x200x30mm

Net weight: 19kg

Gross weight: 20.5kg

Machine size: 480x400x312mm