Part No. XPII-I

Europlacer XPii-I Single Head Pick & Place Machine

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Europlacer IINEO-ii Dual Head Pick & Place Machine

Europlacer IINEO-ii Dual Head Pick & Place Machine

Europlacer Xpii-II Dual Head Pick & Place Machine

Europlacer Xpii-II Dual Head Pick & Place Machine


Europlacer XPii-I Single Head Pick & Place Machine


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Europlacer XPii-I Single Head Pick & Place Machine

Modular compact footprint
Huge Component Range
Linear motors
Hi-resolution digital cameras
User Friendly Graphical Interface
On the fly vision
Smart nozzles
Embedded co-planarity check
Fast changeover Feeders and software fully compatible across all Europlacer machines

The Europlacer XPii is a refreshing new approach to modular pick and place. Incorporating technology from Europlacer's innovative award winning iineo platform, XPii benefits from low maintenance linear motors, high resolution digital cameras and advanced on-head optical component sensing. With these advanced features you can benefit from all the capability of iineo in a compact space and the modularity enables you to build your line to meet growing demands.
Europlacer XPii uses Europlacer proven core features, such as turret head, intelligent feeders and powerful software without compromise. It is equipped with a choice of turret heads and incorporates optical sensors that can detect, on the fly, the presence of components as small as 01005 and as large as 50 x 50 mm from picking to placement. XPii will accommodate components supplied on tape, strip tape, stick and matrix tray.

The system uses Europlacers unique Integrated IntelligenceTM and fulfils all possible placement needs in one compact system. It is widely configurable, allowing two versions: XPii-I and XPii-II (one or two placement heads), 8 or 12 nozzles, tape trolleys or feeder trolleys, matrix tray sequencer, internal matrix tray. Unlike traditional chip-shooter style machines, XPii has on no restrictions or limitations on component range. The PCB in production remains stationary.

XPii is designed to meet your specific production requirements. It can be used in front of any other Europlacer machine to greatly boost the placement rate of the line or can of course be used stand alone, offering the perfect solution for manufacturing medium and/or large batches in high product mix environments, using minimal floor space. Thanks to the Europlacer concept of Integrated IntelligenceTM featuring truly intelligent feeders and turret heads, XPii allows simple machine setups and rapid changeovers for maximum productivity.

XPii is fully compatible with other Europlacer systems with common heads, cameras, intelligent feeders, smart nozzles, placement data, very user friendly graphical interface...

Smart nozzles
Europlacers unique smart nozzle technology allows any nozzle to be placed anywhere within the magazines. Smart nozzles eliminate operator errors to ultimately increase machine uptime.

Machines include the innovative Adaptive Positioning System called 3DPSthat is used to optimize picking and placement of components. During the picking sequence, the system compensates in X, Y and altitude eliminating the need for manual picking adjustments. The 3DPS system compensates for board bow and twist on placement. Placement height is adjusted to reflect a similar board height to adjacent components. The placement force is optimum even on a warped PCB.

Specification XPii-II:
Placement head: 2 rotary turret heads on X/Y linear motor gantry with 8 pick ups & 2x40 position smart nozzle tool bank
Tact time: 0.15 sec. 23,800cph (IPC: 17,400cph)

Specification XPii-IIT:
Placement head: 2 rotary turret head on X/Y linear motor gantry with 12 pick ups & 2x40 position smart nozzle tool bank
Tact time: 0.134 sec. 26,800cph (IPC: 20,000cph)

Fixed camera
Additional nozzle magazine (1 head)
Special nozzle magazine
Electrical test
Rear operating station
Conveyor automatic width adjustment

Common specifications:
Standard accuracy:
35µ (QFPs) to 60µ (Chips)
Feeder capacity: 92 positions 8mm
Feeder types: Tape 8-88mm, Stick, Tray, Special (labels, solder balls and others on request)
Component range: 01005 to 50x50mm with 'on the fly' camera, (70x70mm, connectors 100mm long with optional fixed camera), max. height 34mm"
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