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Fluke Education Partnership Program

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Oritech is an accredited Fluke Education Program Partner. The Fluke Education Program offers educators access to expert test and measurement curricula, traveling tool labs, and the educator's tool discount.

All certified educators at not-for-profit national technical and vocational schools, colleges, universities, and apprenticeship programs are eligible for the complete program.

Corporate trainers and not-for-profit educators are eligible for the curriculum portion.

Educator Tool Discount

Not-for-profit members of the Fluke education program receive 25% off the list price excluding GST on most Fluke products (students/educators limited to Fluke transactional items only). Tools can be used by either educators or students, but must be ordered by educators at participating distributors.

Free Test and Measurement Curriculum Materials

Written by Fluke experts and professional field troubleshooters, these curriculum modules provide both basic theory and real world test and measurement how-to. Module components include:

- PowerPoint presentations with detailed speaker notes
- Lesson materials (application notes, discussion topics, worksheets)
- Posters and reference cards

Module topics:

- Electrical measurement safety
- Basic electrical measurement
- Maintaining and troubleshooting HCAC/R Systems
- Insulation resistance testing
- Measuring adjustable speed drives
- Process instrument maintenance and calibration
- Harmonics
- Power quality
- ABCs of oscilloscopes
- Motor troubleshooting and maintenance
- Thermography
- Indoor air quality

Find out more

To find out more about the Fluek Education Program and its benefits, please get in contact with us.

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