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Fotric 223B Thermal Surveillance System

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Fotric 223B Thermal Surveillance System

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Part No. 223B
Fotric 223B Thermal Imaging System for Fever Screening with A.I.

  • Efficient & rapid body scanner
  • Temperature range of 20øC to 60 øC (68øF - 140øF)
  • Small impact on an area‘s foot traffic efficiency
  • Audible voice alarm / visual red box indicator
  • Self compensates for changes to ambient temperatures and distances
  • Scan multiple individuals simultaneously
  • Non-contact measurement - ensuring safety of detection personnel
  • Accurate IR resolution of 160 x 120
  • Field of View of 19ø x 14ø
  • Built-in AI intelligence
  • Polysilicon-FPA detector
  • A single photo produces up to 19K temperature measuring points, including in hair
  • Cost effective, safe and easy to maintain
  • Quick to deploy including installation, commissioning and powering up.
  • Supports continuous 19 hour monitoring with a temperature stability of ±0.5øC
  • Indoor or outdoor - best performance indoor, detect distance 2m to 3m
  • WLIR software included with intelligent AI
  • Automatically locks face temperature, disregards miscellaneous heat sources
  • Automatically count the number of screened personnel / abnormal cases recorded
  • Captures the image of suspect temperature and displays it on screen
Brand: Oritech

Quick Overview

Fotric 223B Thermal Imaging System for Fever Screening with A.I.

The FOTRIC 223B Thermal Imaging Fever Screening system with A.I. is designed for rapid fever screening with software automation and crucially, minimal disruption to the flow of foot traffic. The FOTRIC 223B produces an accurate body temperature measurement by using a 160 x 120 pixel thermal resolution and accuracy calibrated at ±0.5ºC.

The A.I. feature incorporated by the FOTRIC 226B system, will only capture measurements which have been triggered by the detection of human facial features. This means that elements displaying temperatures above set thresholds will not be detected, measured or photographed, for example hot beverages. The FOTRIC can be set to automatically capture a digital image when an elevated body temperature is detected so that the person can be identified quickly and easily. Images can be stored on a local PC or not stored at all ensuring that companies‘ GDPR policies will not be compromised. Further privacy options are available within the software.

Operator safety is paramount with the FOTIC 223B Fever Screening System, the non-contact measurement type ensures a safe distance from potential infection. An audible voice alarm and an on-screen red-box appearing on screen provides both visual and audible indication of a body temperature above the user-defined threshold (e.g. 37.8ºC).

Using inbuilt A.I., the FOTRIC 226B simultaneously scans thousands of temperature measuring points per photo, up to 19,000 points per photo. The device is so thorough these measuring points even cover a full head of hair. Compact and IP40 rated, this full body scanner is cost effective, requires minimal training and is easy to maintain with a quick setup process.

Perfect for a variety of different environments
The FOTRIC 223B is built with versatility as a priority, requiring a mere ten minutes to fully deploy including installation, commissioning and powering up. The system supports 10 hour continuous monitoring and maintains a temperature stability of ±0.5øC. Requiring an AC power source, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, the detection distance ranges from 2 to 3m. Connect to a laptop or PC with Windows 7 or Windows 10 installed via a USB port (external monitor or laptop is not supplied with the 226B). A standard Tripod is an essential accessory needed to complete the setup.

The FOTRIC 223B  Fever Screening System is Ideal for:

Transportation Hubs
Government Agencies
Companies and Factories
In a typical two-channel screening situation the 226B can capture 30 frames per second, averaging roughly 1,200 bodies an hour. Where other screening systems can only scan one individual at a time, the Fotric 223B‘s ability to detect multiple faces simultaneously without pause or image freezing, significantly reduces the process for all persons involved.

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