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HB HW-350 Wave Solder Machine

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HB HW-450 Wave Soldering Machine

HB HW-450 Wave Soldering Machine


HB HW-350 Wave Solder Machine


HB Automation
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HB Automation HW Series Wave Solder Machine

The HW Series Wave Solder machines use the same soldering system as the HM series machines however have a sleeker appearance and also boast Heavy Duty Titanium fingers as a standard option on all HW series machines.

Using many technology-driven features from the HM/HW Wave soldering machine, its the simplest to set up and operate, most reliable, most dependable and cost-efficient wave soldering machine. 
Our machines offer the customers exactly what they need: low cost of ownership, high yields, ease of use, 24/7 repeatability, and high reliability. Ergonomic design for access and maintenance reduces downtime while ensuring required maintenance is done efficiently.

Key Standard Features 

  • Full titanium fingers in HM/HW wave soldering machines. 
  • Manual conveyor angle adjustment between 4 & 7 degrees 
  • Finger cleaner Controlled single nozzle spray fluxer and Flux level alarm function 
  • PID controlled preheat zones totaling 1800mm 
  • Titanium main wave and Chip wave in standard machine. 
  • Unique dross management system drastically reduces maintenance frequency 

Optional features 

  • Nitrowave - nitrogen supply for solder waves 
  • Solder feeder with solder level control ultrasonic spraying nozzle 
  • PCB wire support 
  • Top preheating options

Intuitive Operator Interface

  • With an intuitive operator interface and control, customers are ensured of a stable process as well as efficient delivery of high first pass yields.

The software integrates all the functions

  • Flux sparying system settings
  • PCB count; 3.Alram logs
  • The pre-heating temperature settings
  • Wave heights adjustments
  • Conveyor speed adjustments
  • Full titanium solder pot with efficient dross management and longer warranty
  • Reliable frequency inverter driven motors with 5 years warranty
  • Standard dual wave system for SMT process. The 1st wave is Chip wave, and 2nd wave is main wave
  • The highest wave height is able to reach 15mm

High efficiency Flux Spraying Management System 

  • Preheat configurations for process flexibility.
  • The standard HM/HW wave soldering machine allows the 1800 mm full convection preheating zone. It is available for the user to have these options like Top IR preheater. The pre-heating zone system(PID controlled ) is the same with the reflow ovens heating system which allows the precise temperature and easy maintaince. 


  • Dimension: L x W x H(mm): 4430 x 1620 
  • WeightApprox: 2300KG 
  • Power Supply: 3P5W,380/220V 50Hz 63A 
  • Control System: Computer +PLC 

Spray System 

  • Transmission Method: Step Motor
  • Spray Pressure: 0.25-0.4MPA
  • Flux Flow: 10-100ml/min
  • Auto Fill Flux: Standard
  • Exhaust Method: p And Down Exhaust
  • Exhaus Ducting Diameter: 200mmdia
  • Exhaust Capacity: 25m3/min

Preheating System

  • Preheating Mode: Hot - Air (Optional IR Heater on top)
  • Control Mode: PID & SSR
  • PreHeating Zone Number: 3
  • Preheating Length: 1800mm
  • PreHeating Temp: Room Temp up to 250C
  • Warm-Up Time: Aprox 15min
  • Hot-Air Blower: Standard

Soldering System

  • Solder Pot: Standard Full Titanium
  • Wave Height Adjust: PC & Digital Control
  • Heater Power: 380VAC 12KW
  • Solder Pot Temperature: 300C
  • Solder Pot Capacity: PB Free 450kg, PB 550kg
  • Wave Drive Power: 1/2hp x 2
  • Solder Pot Warm Up Timing: aprox 180min
  • Temparature Control Module: PID & SSR

Transmission System

  • PCB Width: Min 80x60mm Max 500x350mm
  • Conveyor Direction: Standard L-R
  • Conveyor Speed: 0-200mm/min
  • Conveyor Height: 750mm
  • Component Clearance: Top 120mm Bottom 15mm
  • Conveyor Speed Control: Closed Loop
  • Finger: Standard
  • Conveyor Width Control Mode: Auto
  • Conveyor Angle: 4deg - 7deg

Cooling System

  • Cooling Method: Standard: Forced Air (optional air chiller)


  • Finger Cleaning System: Brush
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