Part No. HW-450

HB HW-450 Wave Soldering Machine

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HB HW-350 Wave Solder Machine

HB HW-350 Wave Solder Machine


HB HW-450 Wave Soldering Machine


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HB HW-450 Wave Soldering Machine

1.Heavy Duty, High-Temperature Pumps and Motors

Dual, high-performance, high-temperature motors pump the molten solder through a titanium-alloy recirculating system and wave nozzles that are specially designed to minimize solder oxidation. Both motors include transducer-controlled flow adjustment to ensure precise wave height and uniformity.

2. Built-in Spraying flux system. Standard

A self-cleaning nozzle and pressure tank flux delivery system are included. The flux supply and flux flow-meter are also as the standard configuration in the system which allows to save the flux-consumption and make guaranty of spraying uniformly.

3.Forced convection hot air pre-heating zone

There is a three-zone, high-capacity, forced hot air convection preheater with independent zone temperature controls to allow precise thermal profiling for proper flux activation and optimal solder wetting as assemblies enter the wave module. Each one-piece preheat module is designed to be interchangeable and easy drop-down removal, promoting the ultimate in process flexibility. Micro air circulation design in the machine is to realize the more uniform heating effect. You can also control the speed motor of convection at preheating.

4. Double Chain Titanium Finger Conveyor Includes Motorized Width Adjustment ( for PCB and PCB with carrier)

Titanium Finger Conveyor Includes Motorized Width Adjustment, from 50-350 mm (450mm), is standard on all HW Wave Soldering Systems, dramatically reducing setup time and eliminating operator inconsistency. Other conveyor widths are available: 300 mm,450mm. An aluminium-alloy pin-type conveyor input mechanism feeds the dual-titanium-finger conveyor which includes a built-in finger cleaner.

An optional center PCB support rail can be added to maintain planarity and to prevent sagging of oversize boards through the wave module. A special recycle liquid brush finger cleaner and inlet conveyor are provided as standard. Easily removable titanium fingers make maintenance simple. Conveyor angle is adjustable from 4° - 7° and nominal speed setting is variable from 0.5 - 2.2 m/min (20"-87"/min) for maximized throughput.
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