Don’t get shocked by your new decking

You’ve finally done it! You’ve built your new deck and can’t wait to get family and friends around to show-off your engineering masterpiece. The BBQ’s in place, the Esky’s on standby. The only problem is you’re constantly being zapped by static electricity after walking on it. What’s going on!?


If you’re like thousands of other Aussies, you’ve decided to use composite decking instead of timber… and why not? It’s low maintenance, doesn’t warp, it’s not appetising to termites, and is water and UV resistant. Plus, it looks great and was very affordable (on sale)!


However due to the plastic material used in composite decking, it can generate an annoying amount of static electricity during the first couple of years of use. The plastic ‘insulating’ material holds-in electrostatic charge, until walking causes electrons to get excited by friction (not helped by a cheap pair of thongs), and static transferred onto another object – like a handrail, doorknob, or another person. Wow it’s annoying!


Luckily for you, there is a cost-effective solution. Staticide.


It sounds fancy, however Staticide is a special blend of deionised water, some specific nitrates and Isopropanol alcohol. It’s regularly used in electronics laboratories to protect against electrostatic discharge and shorting-out of expensive electronics componentry. So, you know it works.


Importantly, it’s non-toxic, meaning your dog Buster won’t be harmed when sliding in to eat the sausage that has just rolled off the BBQ.


Staticide is not a permanent coating, meaning that periodic reapplications are needed depending on the weather conditions. If you’ve just had a couple of days of rain, it’s best to give it another coat.


Buy don’t worry, it won’t be forever. The recommended product application is regularly throughout the first year, and periodically after that if necessary.


Staticide is available to buy from Oritech and shipped Australia-wide. For composite decking applications, we recommend using Heavy Duty Staticide, which is an extra concentrated Staticide suited for high-traffic floor applications.


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