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Fluke Lanuches New PQ400 Electrical Measurement Window

We are pleased to introduce to you the Fluke PQ400 Electrical Measurement Window. You can now increase the safety and speed of setting up power quality and energy analysers, and logger with Fluke PQ400 Electrical Measurement Windows. The Fluke PQ400 is the first Power Quality Electrical Measurement Window in the market that enables the connection of three phase measurement equipment to energised panels, without the need to open the panel door, or wear supplemental personal protective equipment (PPE).

Key Features

  • Reduced risk—Permanently installed voltage and current connections can be accessed without opening the panel door
  • Increased efficiency—Quickly connect the logger or analyser and begin taking measurements faster than ever
  • Easy installation—A standard step drill bit and electro-hydraulic hole punch provide the simple means to quickly mount the window in the panel

With the PQ400 installed, you will have a permanently connected voltage and current sensors located inside
the electrical panel with a safe interface on the panel door. This allows you to make power quality and energy
measurements using the external access points without opening the panel door, hence reducing operator risk.
The PQ400 covers most measurement scenario with the availability of voltage and current connections for
three-phase voltages, including neutral and ground connectors pre-wired.

  • Full 360 degree rotation allows the PQ400 window to be oriented in any direction
  • CAT IV, 600V and CATIII 1,000V rating according to IEC61010-2-30
  • Compatibility with standard 4mm shrouded safety-socket voltage test leads  makes it easier to make voltage connections, increases safety by reducing the risk of accidently touching live electrical components, and reduces the need for purchasing specialised voltage leads

Click here to learn more about the new Fluke PQ400 Electrical Measurement Window.




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