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Fluke solutions for facilities maintenance professionals

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Facilities maintenance personnel face a wide range of challenges, from electrical and mechanical equipment uptime to overall safety concerns. It’s critical to maintain facilities and the associated assets at peak performance.

Fluke makes reliable, rugged and accurate tools to maintain electromechanical systems, motors, pumps, electrical distribution systems and more to keep your world up and running.


Recommended Fluke Solutions for Facilities Maintenance



Fluke Connect

  • Simplifying preventive maintenance programs
  • Seamlessly integrating tool data into software
  • Diagnosing asset health in the field
  • Cloud-based data sharing
  Earth Ground Testers
  • Ensuring safety of personnel and proper operation of electrical equipment
  • Diagnosing intermittent electrical problems related to poor earth grounding
  • Earth resistance loop and soil resistivity testing
  Power Quality Analysers
  • Troubleshooting and preventing problems in power generation, transmission and distribution systems
  • Conducting load studies to reduce energy usage
  • Use with motors, pumps, generators, transformers, compressors and electrical panels
  Digital Multimeters
  • Electrical system installation and troubleshooting
  • Quick voltage detection
  • Environments with both AC and DC (autoVolt) or ghost voltages

Indoor Air Quality

  • Troubleshooting and monitoring indoor air quality systems
  • Optimising HVAC ventilation settings
  Insulation Multimeters
  • Wide range of tests including simple spot checks to timed tests and breakdown tests
  • Insulation resistance testing up to 10 kV
  • Use with switch gear, motors, generators and cables
  Infrared Thermometers
  • Quickly capturing spot measurements from a distance
  • Accurately measuring up to 800 °C

Infrared Cameras

  • Detection of “hot spots” in motors, pumps, VFDs, bearings and wheels
  • Inspecting pipes, motors and pumps
  • Monitoring of switching heaters

Vibration Testers

  • Identifying root cause and diagnosing severity of machine’s condition
  • Use with motors, pumps, fans, compressors, belt/chain drives, gearboxes and spindles

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