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Introducing FAE Smart Fume Extractors from JBC

JBC has just launched its next generation of fume extraction systems that fully integrates with existing soldering stations for on demand fume extraction.

Aspiration at the work place starts up when the tool is lifted from the stand. Control unit detects when the tool is returned and the fume extraction at the stand starts.

The FAE series fume extraction units are the most efficient solution to avoid exposure to solder fumes. They optimize fume extraction operating only when needed.

The extractor starts up only when soldering. This function saves power and the life of the equipment as well as the filter.

Thanks to a vacuum system integrated into the stand, the system also detects when the tool is at rest and automatically absorbs the fumes.

The FAE1 provides direct connection of up to 4 soldering or rework stations and stand fume extractions for up to 4 tools.

The FAE2 provides direct connection of up to 2 soldering or rework stations and stand fume extractions for up to 8 tools.

Both can can be controlled via JBC stations, a pedal, a robotic system or a PC.

They both have 3 predefined levels of aspiration: low, medium and high, and a custom mode with which you can set the airflow within the low (10%) and max rates (100%).

In order to control the Fume Extractor activation from multiple stations at the same time, or from stations featuring only USB port, QSC-A device is required.

Read more about the FAE1 Fume Extractor for 1 Workbench here.

Read more about the FAE2 Fume Extractor for 2 Workbenches here.

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