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Introducing Fluke TiS20+ and TiS60+ Thermal Imagers

We are pleased to introduce our two newest additions to Fluke Infrared Camera Plus Series: Fluke TiS20+ Infrared Camera and Fluke TiS60+ Infrared Cameras.

Fluke TiS20+ Infrared Camera

With the Fluke TiS20+ Infrared Camera each feature is specifically designed to simplify your customers work flow, save time and prevent equipment failure.

Key Features:

• 120 x 90 infrared resolution
• 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen interface
• Compare results – quickly and easily analyse data with Asset Tagging
• Pinpoint a hotspot - blend the visual and IR image with touchscreen IR-Fusion

Fluke TiS60+ Infrared Camera

Boost performance with Fluke TiS60+ increased 320 x 240 resolution. Infrared images taken with the TiS60+ capture smaller temperature differ¬ences from further away. If the camera is being used by a team with varying levels of thermal imaging experience, the TiS60+ offers easy-to-use fixed focus.

Key Features:

• 320 x 240 resolution for clarity and image detail
• 3.5 inch LCD screen
• Easy to use fixed focus, just point and shoot
• Measure up to 400 °C to handle all your customers applications
• One-handed image capture, review and save capability


Find our more about the Fluke TiS20+ Infrared Camera here.

Find out more about the Fluke TiS60+ Infrared Camera here.


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