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New Amprobe AT-6000 Series Advanced Wire Tracer

Wire tracing made simple

The Amprobe AT-6000 series features both an ergonomic form which allows for easy transport and the most advanced wire locating technology which can be used in many different applications to successfully identify specific wire issues.

The Amprobe AT-6000 series, available in three different kits (AT-6010, AT-6020 and AT-6030), combines a receiver and powerful transmitter to locate energised and de-energised wires, breakers, and fuses. The Receiver module detects the signal in wires and cables using two methods: active tracing method (with the Transmitter) and passive tracing method (without the Transmitter). In hardto-reach areas, the Receiver’s Tip Sensor can be used to trace wires in corners, tight spaces and junction boxes. The Transmitter module works on Energised and De-energised circuits up to 600 V AC/DC in Category I through Category III electrical environments and features high signal, low signal, and loop modes. The Breaker Identification feature identifies the one correct breaker or fuse with the highest recorded signal, thus eliminating the confusion of multiple false positives common with older technology tracing tools.

The Signal Clamp (optional for AT-6010/20, included with AT-6030) is used for applications when there is no access to the bare conductors by enabling the AT-6000-T Transmitter to induce a signal into a wire through the insulation. Whether you’re a novice user or an expert, this Amprobe advanced wire tracer kit will help you get the job done fast.

Features and Benefits

  • Trace Energised and De-energised wires with automatic sensor in four tracing modes:
    • Quick Scan Wire Tracing Mode allows for quick wire detection at a longer distance
    • Precision Wire Tracing Mode precisely pinpoints wires or faults located behind walls, floors, or ceilings
    • Breaker Identification Mode has an automatic sensitivity feature that allows  or quick and easy breaker locating
    • Non-Contact Voltage Detection Mode utilises passive tracing without the transmitter to verify if a wire is Energised
  • High Signal (Hi), recommended for most wire tracing applications on Energised and De-energised circuits including breaker location. This mode is useful when tracing open wires, but it will not work on wires that are grounded on the far-end
  • Loop Mode, used when working with closed loop De-energised circuits, such as shorted wires, shielded cabled or De-energised wires that are grounded on the far-end

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