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New Ash Quantum Digital Microscope

A new category field of view measuring system.

Quantum is a fully integrated, easy to use, reliable and efficient 2D video measurement system with no requirement for a PC. Advanced digital image processing technology and unprecedented Multiple FOV ranges reduces measurement time and eliminates operator variances.

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RTLDC™ Real Time Lens Distortion Correction


Unique Technology

Distortion is inherent in all lenses. Rather than correct this through optics, Ash have developed a digital solution. Quantum uses advanced algorithms to correct lens distortion on the live image. This results in consistent measurements across the entire field of view.





Quick Measurements & Data Sharing

Save and recall measurement and settings files for routine inspections. Simultaneous automatic measurements to speed up inspection time. PASS/FAIL tolerance judgement display for rapid identification of failures. NFS connectivity for automatic transfer of results to the network.





Automatic Alignment

Automatic identification of part position & re-orientation: No need for a jig to position parts. The position of a part is automatically identified and re-orientated to its programmed measurement position.






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