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New Fluke Insulated Hand Tools

Why insulated hand tools?

Safety is critical when working with electricity. Follow the right procedures. Wear the proper clothes. Use eye and hearing protection. And make sure you use the right tools.

It is always best practice to work on de-energised equipment. But sometimes that’s just not possible. Wiring changes made by someone else may provide an unplanned energy path to where you are working. You need to take every precaution you can. That means using high quality insulated hand tools.

Most hand tools have rubber or plastic on the handles. That’s not the same as offering protection from electric shock, and limiting the possibility of arc faults due to short circuits. That’s what makes insulated tools different.

  • They are designed to block potentially hazardous voltages from reaching you.
  • They are subjected to a 10,000 V dielectric strength test, to prove the protection works.
  • They are certified to 1,000 V ac and 1,500 V dc by VDE, an independent third-party lab.
  • They comply to international standards such as IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505.
  • They are a critical part of NFPA 70E, which requires personal protective equipment and insulated tools rated for the electrical installation.

Insulated tools are a critical protective component between you and an unplanned incident.

Why Fluke insulated hand tools?

Fluke is the world leader in handheld test tools. Everything that you know about Fluke multimeters, clamp meters and electrical test tools applies to our insulated hand tools.

Forged from German steel, these rugged hand tools are built to last a lifetime. That’s why they carry a lifetime warranty.* If a Fluke insulated hand tool is defective, send it to us for a replacement. Or contact Fluke (www.fluke.com/tools/warranty).

Fluke insulated tools always feel right. From the moment you first put them in your hand, you’re ready to go to work. The pliers offer a smooth, solid motion, without a need for break-in. The screwdrivers give you maximum torque and a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue.

Take everything that makes Fluke test tools great, and put that into insulated hand tools. That’s what you’ll have on your tool belt.

Browse the range of Fluke Insulated Hand Tool here.

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