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New Fluke Ti300+ Infrared Cameras

Accurate, reliable results

Find issues before they are fully formed. The Fluke Ti300+ Infrared Camera has the resolution (320 x 240) and accuracy needed to clearly reveal temperature differentials or demonstrate progressive heat changes over time. LaserSharp AutoFocus ensures focused images—every single time. With the touch of a button, the camera uses the built-in laser distance meter to calculate and display the distance to your designated target on the screen and snap the image in focus. Temperature readings from in focus images will be highly accurate compared to an unfocused image. The Ti300+ provides your team a reliable and full specification camera to get clear images while maintaining a safe distance from operating equipment.

Features and Benefits

Improve work execution, reduce unexpected breakdowns

• 3.5 Inch Touch screen with 320 x 240 infrared resolution
• 2 metre drop test
• LaserSharp Auto Focus
• Manual or automatic focus
• Measure up to 650 Degrees Celcius
• IR-Fusion blends infrared and visible image in one file enables easy identification of actual equipment in image
• IR-PhotoNotes annotation with additional text, images and voice annotation
• Pre-calibrated telephoto, wide angle, macro lenses to maximise your infrared camera's performance
• Analyse and create reports in minutes with the free Fluke Connect desktop software

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