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New Polarised Ringlight from Ash Technologies

Ash Technologies has launched their latest system component, the Polarised Ringlight, which aids visual inspection of shiny or reflective parts to help identify surface defects such as scratches, indentations, pits scrapes and roughness. The Lens Polarising Filter (Analyser) is used in conjunction with the Polarised Ringlight, which is included when the Polarised Ringlight is ordered (AI 801-423).

By simply rotating the Lens Polarising Filter (Analyser), the user can increase or decrease the amount of contrast in the image to highlight defects. See instruction video below.

This is sold as a complete kit and is suitable for Omni core or Inspex II.

Package Contents (AI 801-423):
1. Polarised Ringlight
2. Lens Polarising Filter (Analyser)

Common Applications:


  • Bare PCB Inspection
  • Electronics
  • Quality Control Inspection
  • Medical Device Manufacture
  • Precision Engineering
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Tool Inspection

Click here to read more about the Polarised Ringlight from Ash Technologies.


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