Medical device inspection with digital microscopes

Medical Device Inspection

There has been a paradigm shift in the medical device industry over the past twenty years and today’s quality procedures are much more stringent than ever  before. Invasive medical devices such as stents and catheters must meet the  highest quality and safety standards due to the risk to human lives.

Digital Microscopes

Visual inspection of medical devices and components continues to play a key role in quality control. Over the last decade high definition imaging  technology has enabled digital microscopes to become an essential tool in  quality control, inspection and production for the medical device industry.

The quality of the image combined with ergonomic advantages such as  reduction of neck, back  and eye strain has seen digital microscopes replace  many optical systems. 

Digital microscopes are appealing for the medical device industry, due to their precision, efficiency, and reliability. Key applications for digital  microscopes  within the medical device industry include:

• The inspection of the surface of a medical device to detect defects
• Ability to measure and capture data to be used for later reports

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