Data security of the highest standard

Security is our number one priority when your purchasing something on our website. That's why we use SecurePay to handle all payments made on our website. SecurePay lives up to the current global standards of online security, keeping your financial and personal details safe. SecurePay were the winners of the best Security/Anti-Fraud Solution at the 2019 Nora Awards. Read more about SecurePay.

Paying by card

With SecurePay you have choice and flexibility to pay with major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. As you payment is handled entirely by SecurePay, your card details are never accessed or stored by Oritech. Your payment and card details are totally secure!

Pay using PayPal

If you would rather pay using PayPal, we have also integrated PayPal as a payment method. One of the world's most popular payment platforms, simply select PayPal as your payment method during checkout. You will redirected to PayPal to make payment using your PayPal account or alternatively make payment by Credit or Debit Card using PayPal card payment feature. You will be brought back to the Oritech website once your payment is complete.