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PBT Works Go23 Stencil Printer

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PBT Works Fa23 Stencil Printer

PBT Works Fa23 Stencil Printer

PBT Works Go29 Stencil Printer

PBT Works Go29 Stencil Printer


PBT Works Go23 Stencil Printer


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PBT Works Go23 Stencil Printer

Range of Models

  • Three models of Go Printers available to cover complete range of applications
  • Each model comes with metal stand and full package of features
  • Basic set of adjustable production tooling included


  • Stencil frame size max 610x650x33 mm
  • Stencil frame size min 300x300x18 mm
  • Print area max 440x400 mm
  • PCB size max 510x420 mm
  • PCB size min 50x60 mm
  • Machine footprint 745x985 mm

Features for Precision

  • Solder paste printing is the most important process in SMT
  • Go Printers bring on highly precise print
  • Designed for accurate and repeatable printing
  • For any electronic application while maintaining low investment costs

Camera Guided Stencil to Pad Alignment

  • Dual LCD display mounted on the top of the upper frame provides a view of the solder pads on the PCB
  • LED illuminates the target area for a crystal clear view through the stencil apertures
  • A laser source attached to each camera speeds up navigation and camera positioning during setup
  • This feature is especially helpful when locating specific stencil apertures to be used as alignment targets on densely populated electronic assemblies

Robust Synchronized Table Separation

  • Slow motion results in perfect shape
  • Programmable separation speed matches thixotropy of any solder paste
  • Robust design minimizes stencil vibration
  • Pure mechanical synchronization for strictly parallel motion of the table
  • Outstanding print quality, edge definition, and homogeneous solder paste distribution

Process Control Features

  • Full range of adjustable parameters assure repeatibility of results
  • Go series provides a level of touchscreen programmability and parameter control uncommon in benchtop SMT stencil printers

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

  • PLC controller allows password-protected programming
  • Wide range of parameter settings can be stored as files for various applications
  • Programmable settings include print speed, print head front and rear stroke positions, snap-off speed, snap-off distance, PCB thickness, and a correction factor that compensates for stretch as the stencil begins to wear
  • The software includes both an automatic mode and a manual/setup mode
  • Step-by-step control of each segment of a print cycle, as well as a counter that keeps track of processed boards
  • Storage and retrieval of up to 100 programs

Seperation Speed and Distance

  • Succesfull snap-off depends on solder paste thixotropy
  • Solder paste thickness and dynamics of separation movement
  • Slow speed for precise separation is programmable as well as the necessary distance
  • The separation accellerates to minimize PCB removal time

Squeegee Pressure

  • Squeegee pressure is manually adjustable according to gauge
  • Test print to prove correct setup is always recommended

Print Speed and Stroke

  • Programmable print speed is a key parameter dependent on specific solder paste reology
  • Optimal print speed assures correct paste deposition volume
  • Programmable print stroke saves time and solder paste especially during quick product changeovers


  • Go printers come complete with a full supply of magnetic PCB mounting hardware
  • Wide range of squeegees available
  • Quick and simple frame size adjustment and wide angle opening
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