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Surface Mount Technology

Oritech Automation is a division of Oritech that specialises in the consultation, supply, installation and commissioning of production machinery for electronics manufacturing. 

Offering world renowned products, Oritech Automation can help you plan, source, deliver, install and commission small to large SMT solutions. Offering full-service capabilities and project management experience, Oritech Automation will work with you to ensure your SMT investment starts delivering from day one.

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Commit after Commissioning

Investing in capital equipment can be a big commitment for your business. That’s why Oritech offers a no-commitment arrangement for all orders until your chosen solution is installed, commissioned and operating to the specifications outlined within your original investment proposal.

Having refined our product and service offering, you can be confident that the solutions we provide and partnerships we have with world class suppliers will result in a successful investment for you and your business.

Ongoing Support and Service

When you work with Oritech Automation, your relationship doesn’t end as soon as your equipment has been installed and commissioned. Ongoing support and service is provided by their team of experienced service personnel and local engineers from manufacturing suppliers. A full range of consumables and tooling is also available from Oritech for a one-stop solution and support service.


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SMT Solutions

SolutionDescriptionWhat our customers say

Stencil Printer Image

Stencil Printers

Oritech Automation provides a range of Stencil Printers capable of handling low to high volume SMT production requirements. As the Australian distributor of Europlacer Speedprint solutions, Oritech is well placed to consult and provide a stencil printing solution for any SMT requirement.

"Thanks to the characteristics of the Speedprint machines, especially the positioning of the support pins by laser, we gained a lot of flexibility on our main SMT line by dividing the changeover time in the screen printing process by more than two."

Selective Soldering Machine Image

Selective Soldering

If you require a selective process for soldering components, Oritech Automation offers a range of selective soldering solutions to suit any need and budget. As an InterSelect partner, Oritech can supply and integrate a variety of machines that are modular and offer expandable configurations.

"For many applications and with assemblies with SMD’s mounted on both sides, there’s no product-specific solder masks required with selective soldering. Not only does this save us money but it also reduces the throughput time of products."
Pick and Place Machine Image

Pick and Place Machines

From very small to very large SMT production requirements, Oritech Automation supplies, installs and commissions a wide range of pick and place machines. Specialising in the world class Europlacer and Fritsch brands, Oritech provides the expertise required to seamlessly integrate next generation pick and place solutions into your SMT operation.

"A robust yet elegant structure that gives users everything: extremely high feeder count, the industry’s largest board size, exceptional accuracy and intelligent features throughout."

SMT Cleaning Machine Image

PCB Cleaning

We supply a wide range of cleaning solutions for circuit board manufacturing, including the range from PBT Works. 

PBT Works ranks among the world’s most known manufacturers of cleaning technology for electronic assemblies and tooling. They have a strong design and development team. This is why they keep up with necessary process innovations in microelectronic assembly.

"In early 2018 we installed a PBT Works SuperSWASH and it has revolutionised the way we produce our PCB's. It makes the entire cleaning process effortless and eliminates errors further down the line"
Wave Soldering Machine Image

Wave Soldering

For large scale SMT operations, Oritech Automation provides a range of Wave Soldering machines, including lead-free solutions. This includes the HB Automation range of wave solderers that offer excellent heat transfer and temperature repeatability. Solutions are available to suit all needs and budgets.

"HB Automation’s wave soldering machines generate the desired temperature faster than any other reflow heat source and respond in less than half a second to temperature change of less than 0.1 Degrees Celcius. They maintain the highest level of temperature repeatability."

Reflow Ovens Machine Image

Reflow Ovens

The development and reliability of convective heat ovens has drastically improved over recent years. Oritech Automation specialise in a range of Reflow Ovens offering excellent convective heat generation, transfer and management. The HB Automation range of reflow ovens provide improved temperature uniformity, guaranteed process repeatability and excellent convection efficiency that reduces zone temperature setpoints.

"The heater module in our HS series oven is unique in heating air on the intake, allowing it to be blended into a uniformly mixed air blanket. This gives us total control, confidence and has improved our quality performance."
AOI & X-Ray Machine Image

AOI & X-Ray

From 3D solder paste inspection, to pre and postreflow automated optical inspection, to automated x-ray inspection - Oritech Automation provides a range of solutions from Aleader and TRI Innovation. Their world class products provide electronics manufacturers with complete control over quality and have consistently demonstrated significant return on investment.  n-line and stand-alone solutions are available to suit any need.

"Thanks to the full traceability and remote monitoring of our Aleader AOI solution, we have reduced our downtime and product fault rates in the market."
SMT Storage Cabinet Image

SMT Storage Cabinets

Offering expandable and reconfigurable SMT storage solutions, Oritech Automation can help you integrate suitable component storage for streamlined inventory management. From offline cabinets to fully-integrated solutions that network with existing MRP/ERP systems and pick and place machines, there is a solution for any need.

"Even before you start up the assembly line, intelligent line-side & warehouse storage delivers astounding improvements in productivity and build quality, not to mention control and traceability as standard."
SMT Peripherals Image

PCB Loaders, Unloaders and Conveyors

Oritech Automation provides a wide range of peripherals to complete your SMT production line including linking conveyors, inspection conveyors, PCB stackers & de-stackers, and PCB loaders & unloaders.

"We have purchased a number of linking conveyors, board loaders and spare parts from Oritech. The range of choice, value for money and fast response to our needs allowed for a seamless integration of our new equipment."
Inspection Image

Inspection, Microscopes and Magnifiers

Especially appropriate for rework tasks, manual inspection and measurement, Oritech Automation offers a range of optical and digital magnifiers and microscopes. Products include full-HD digital microscopes with measurement capability (no PC required!) to hand-held portable devices to traditional optical solutions. A full range of accessories are also available.

"Quality Control is at the very heart of our operation and the digital microscopes supplied by Oritech mean we can inspect, document and control the quality of the products coming off our production line. Well worth the investment."

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