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Tech Spec+ Precision Tools from Oritech

Tech Spec+, an Oritech brand, is a fast-growing range of precision tools designed for electronics engineers and technicians. Since the first Tech Spec+ tool launched in the early 2000’s, the Tech Spec+ range has been providing professionals with products that provide quality, are tough, ergonomic and are up to the task.

Each Tech Spec+ tool has been specifically designed and sourced to help make your job easier. From pliers, to side cutters, wire strippers, data crimpers, ESD mats, tweezers, probes and more – the Tech Spec+ range has evolved into the chosen brand of choice for thousands of electronics engineers and technicians around Australia.

The Tech Spec+ Range

Image Part Number Description

TZK302 TZK302 Tech Spec+ Small Zip Case with DMM Pouch
TS-C20VDE TS-C20VDE Tech Spec+ VDE Pliers 8 Combination
TS-S16VDE TS-S16VDE Tech Spec+ VDE 6 Diagonal Cutters
TS-L20VDE TS-L20VDE Tech Spec+ VDE Pliers 8 Long Nose
TS-A05 TS-A05 Tech Spec+ (Keiba) Flush Side Cutter
TSC-616 TSC-616 Tech Spec+ (Keiba) Long Nose Plier Serrated
TSC-A05 TSC-A05 Tech Spec+ (Keiba) ESD Safe Side Cutter Flush
TS-TR30 TS-TR30 Tech Spec+ Flush Side Cutters
TR5000R TR5000R Tech Spec+ Heavy Duty Flush Cutter
PN2015 PN2015 Tech Spec+ Serrated Pointed Round Nose Plier
TSC-RBY TSC-RBY Tech Spec+ Pre-Insulated Terminal Crimper
TSC-D68 TSC-D68 Tech Spec+ Professional Data Crimper 6 and 8 Way
TSC-227 TSC-227 Tech Spec+ Grip and Strip Wire Stripper
TS-SH02 TS-SH02 Tech Spec+ Spring Hook Slotted End
TS-SH01 TS-SH01 Tech Spec+ Spring Hook
TS-AASA TS-AASA Tech Spec+ Fine Point Tweezer
TS-7-SA TS-7-SA Tech Spec+ Fine Point Curved Tweezer
TS-220-C-SA TS-220-C-SA Tech Spec+ Fine Point Tweezer 6 Curved
AASA AASA Tech Spec+ AASA Tweezer Fine Point
TS-7ASA TS-7ASA Tech Spec+ Fine Curved Point Tweezer
TS-2A-SA TS-2A-SA Tech Spec+ Rounded Flat Tip Tweezer
TS-227-SA TS-227-SA Tech Spec+ Adjustable Lock Fine Point Tweezer
TS-220-SA TS-220-SA Tech Spec+ Fine Point Tweezers 6 Straight
TS-51007 TS-51007 Tech Spec+ Dental Probe Straight
TS-51009 TS-51009 Tech Spec+ Dental Probe Curved
TS-CHD0801 TS-CHD0801 Tech Spec+ SMA Torque Spanner 8mm
TS-AD400 TS-AD400 Tech Spec+ General Purpose Air Duster 400ml
TS-PK250 TS-PK250 Tech Spec+ Photoklene Belt Solvent
TS-40010 TS-40010 Tech Spec+ Magnetiser/Demagnetiser
TS-SM06-10B TS-SM06-10B Dual Layer ESD Mat - Tech Spec+ (W: 600mm X L: 10,000mm, Blue)
TS-SM09-10G TS-SM09-10G Dual Layer ESD Mat - Tech Spec+ (W: 900mm X L: 10,000mm, Grey)
TS-SM06-10G TS-SM06-10G Dual Layer ESD Mat - Tech Spec+ (W: 600mm X L: 10,000mm, Grey)
TS-SM120-10G TS-SM120-10G Dual Layer ESD Mat - Tech Spec+ (W: 1,200mm X L: 10,000mm, Grey)
TS-SM09-10B TS-SM09-10B Dual Layer ESD Mat - Tech Spec+ (W: 900mm X L: 10,000mm, Blue)
TS-SM120-10B TS-SM120-10B Dual Layer ESD Mat - Tech Spec+  (W: 1,200mm X L: 10,000mm, Blue)
TS-TM06-12B TS-TM06-12B ESD Table Mat with Ground Cord - Tech Spec+ (1,200mm X 600mm, Blue)
TS-TM06-12G TS-TM06-12G ESD Table Mat with Ground Cord - Tech Spec+ (1,200mm X 600mm, Grey)

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